There are a few to things to consider first before submitting your comic books:

Story ideas without art are not accepted

Please do not send an idea or a pitch without any form of art to avoid the cancellation of your submission.

We do not pay according to Page rates

If you require financial aid for your comicbook, then we encourage, recommend and support crowd-funded projects.

You are only allowed to submit 8 full pages and cover page (in jpg or pdf format)

Please stick to these conditions for page submissions, we will contact you for more pages if we are interested in your work.

Ensure your creative team is prepared for a long-term deal

Before making an appropriate evaluation of your submission, we need to be sure that your team members are all committed, feel free to visit our hiring section for creators, in case you need more creators on your team.

Ensure that you understand the books we publish.

Before submitting your books to any publishers, including our own, you need to make sure to understand the books we publish and familiarize yourself with them as much as possible.You need to fight the temptation to simply submit whatever topic that comes to mind without reviewing some of the publisher’s book first. Understanding this, will greatly benefit you and save you the time and embarrassment that would have transpired instead.If this happens to be your first encounter with StumpTownComics, then that’s just great, we are glad to have you, but before you make any submissions, just ensure that you have read some of our books so –you can better understand the content we publish.To make it easier for yourself, you can easily register for our newsletter where you’ll receive an attachment consisting of 30 free comics that we have available on comiXology.

Creative and Intellectual Rights

StumpTownComics is only for publishing and distribution while the creators hold all rights concerning merchandise, film, television, videogames and others.

Story Quality, Book, and Art

Before you submit your books, you need to make sure your art and story are of a professional quality and this also applies to several other aspects such as inking, lettering, coloring and so on. You can compare the quality of your bookwith other StumpTownComics titles of the same genre.Remember that we maintain the rights to recommend changes to the logo or cover.

File Format

Please submit your books only in jpg or pdf formats.

Page Count

For a single issue story, the minimum page count is 20 pages while the maximum is 64.We publish in black and white and color and our books are sized at 5.624 by 9.2 inches and a bleed size of 6.890 by 12.2 as a quarter inch bleed is the standard for newsprint.


StumpTownComics is responsible for logo placements, size dimensions of a book, barcoding, pricing, and all cover layouts (examples can be seen on the right)

We receive a lot of submissions so we may not be able to respond everyone accordingly, if you have not received a response from StumpTownComics in less than 2 weeks, then it is mostly likely that your submission has been rejected.