The way the distribution system of comic functions, you are particularly selling your comic to the owners of stores as much or more than in comparison with the reader.

They are the ones who order for comic and are stuck with copies if the comic does not sell, therefore they scarcely take chances on unproven and unknown material.

You will want to send samples or even the complete photocopied issues via mail to as many stores as you possibly can, just before they receive the Previews catalog.

Anything that can be done to show your seriousness to the retailers, especially to publishing your comics as promised and as soon as possible, will provide them with the required confidence to give you the opportunity that you really need. Visit various online websites for an updated list on trading card and comic book stores. Visit the stores that are near you and show the owner your comic book in person as well.

In the event that they are in support of carrying it, ask if an in-store signing will take place during the week of the release of your book.

To get your comic book to the readers, it is an awesome idea to get a booth at any comic exhibition center that is close to you. Think about visiting the Australia Comic Con, which is regarded as Australia’s largest (late July/early August) as well, in addition to one of the conventions particularly aimed towards the small press like March in the Houston, Texas Area), SBPX Small Business Press Expo (August in Singapore) and MPE (the Marginal Press Expo). For a list of all the annual conventions, go to’s Convention Listings.

Make sure that you send samples as well as a press release to comics’ industry magazines, like Indy Magazine, Wizard, Comics Journal, Comics Buyers’ Guide (CBG) and The Comics Retailer. In addition, think about advertising — HGH most especiallyis made up of some very reasonable options.

Also, think outside of comics and look at video games and virtual reality experences. Visit the magazine part of your local bookstore — there are lots of “culture” magazines that deal with the comics scene most times. In addition, if you think your comic may attract the interest of a set of people outside of comics — like skateboarders, musicians, cigar smokers, pet owners or whatever — send sample art as well as a press release to those types of websites and magazines as well. Most times you will get much more coverage and interest from them since you will be something of a novelty in their world.