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March 31, 2008
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Saturday Panel Schedule, Oregon Room
Spotlight on Nicholas Gurewitch

If you read comics on the web, in your local alternative paper, or if you've recently browsed the shelves at Reading Frenzy, you've come across Gurewitch's darkly brilliant comic, The Perry Bible Fellowship. Its irony-laden, candy-colored take on the gag strip has gained a major cult following in just a few years. Nick talks about his working process, his publishing success with The Trial of Colonel Sweeto collection, and his plans for life after PBF.
Spotlight on Brian Michael Bendis

One of the most prolific and best-selling writers of American comics - indie and mainstream - Portland writer Brian Michael Bendis has taken on every topic from grim superhero noir (Powers), the quirky challenges of teenage superherodom (Ultimate Spider-Man), gritty crime thrillers (Jinx, Goldfish, Torso), to autobiographical exposes of the horrors of Hollywood (Fortune and Glory, Total Sell-Out).
Spotlight on Craig Thompson

Enjoy a rare personal interview with acclaimed comics artist Craig Thompson, the creator of widely-acclaimed autobiography, Blankets, as well as Good-bye, Chunky Rice and exquisitely drawn travelogue, Carnet de Voyage. Currently hard at work on his next project, Craig talks about his world travels, his distinctive art style, and the effect of personal experience on the artistic process.
Spotlight on Scott McCloud

One of the most controversial and beloved figures in comics today, Scott McCloud is the author of the groundbreaking books Understanding Comics, Reinventing Comics, and the recent - as well as classic superhero series Zot!. Fresh off his yearlong family book tour, Scott will take questions from the audience and discuss his next project.
Spotlight on Mike Richardson
Few people in comics have seen as many sides of the industry as Special Guest Mike Richardson: founder of cornerstone publisher Dark Horse Comics, president of Dark Horse Entertainment, owner of the retail chain Things From Another World, and prolific comics author in his own right. Mike will talk about his over twenty years of experience in comics, and what's next for Portland's biggest comics publisher.
Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School Lifedrawing Session

Tired of the gravelike atmosphere of art school lifemodeling classes? Or have you never even gotten the chance to draw from a model before? Dr.Sketchy's is "what happens when cabaret meets art school" - a worldwide confederation of performers, models, and burlesque dancers bringing you some of the wildest and most offbeat life-modeling sessions on the planet. This two hour, costumed, all-ages workshop features some of Dr.Sketchy's best Portland talent. Bring your drawing pad and prepare to have fun!

Saturday Panel Schedule, Idaho Room
Spotlight on Dave Roman

Everybody who passes by a newsstand knows that Nickelodeon Magazine has some of the best comics for kids on the market, in large part thanks to associate editor. But this is just Dave's mild-mannered alter-ego - by night, he's a creator of comics Astronaut Elementary, Agnes Quill, and more, as well as cofounder of Lunchbox Funnies. Dave talks about life on both sides of the submissions desk, and about his upcoming X-Men project with wife Raina Telgemeier - stick around to see her panel!
Spotlight on Raina Telgemeier

Comics are not just for boys anymore, and nobody knows better than Raina Telgemeier - one of the biggest names in a generation of female cartoonists producing work that speaks to an all-ages, all-genders audience. In addition to autobio comics Smile and Take-Out, Raina has won acclaim as the creator behind the Baby-Sitter's Club comics adaptations. Raina talks about her career and her upcoming X-Men project with husband Dave Roman.
Spotlight on Tara McPherson

Tara McPherson's lush, surreal paintings and illustrations can be found almost everywhere, from Juno to Guitar Hero to countless albums, posters, and, of course, comics. Her work has been collected in Lonely Heart: The Art of Tara McPherson, and she's lectured at schools across the country. Tara talks about her broad experience in illustration, comics, and animation, and her upcoming projects.
Running a Small Business in Comics
From publishing to retail, comics businesses are often small and personal - and notoriously difficult to run. Moderator Dylan Williams talks with local comics entrepeneurs Jeremy Tiedeman, Tim Goodyear, Bwana Spoons, Shannon O'Leary, and Francois Vigneault about their best moments and biggest challenges in a growing industry.
Center for Cartoon Studies: the art of anthologies

Moderator Robyn Chapman is a faculty member in the nation's newest and most ambitious MFA comics program at the Center for Cartoon Studies. One of the greatest signs of the growing diversity and output of comics today is the explosion in published anthologies. Join Robyn and fellow anthology publishers, editors, and artists for a discussion on how to successfully submit work to an anthology - or put together your own.

Saturday Workshop Schedule, Alaska Room
The Kids Only Comics Workshop

Everyone knows that kids make the best comics! The Kids Only Comics Workshop is a fun place for kids to get together and share their best work and ideas. This three hour workshop will be mediated by 13 year old comics genius Robert Riley and Ryan Alexander-Tanner (a crusty grown-up), who will be there to provide helpful tips and feedback to tomorrows comics geniuses. Parents welcome!
Too Much Coffee Man Opera: The Refill

With the successful staging of The Refill, Portland's own "synthesis of the arts" has entered franchise territory. Join creator Shannon Wheeler and cast members for excerpts from the recent production, behind-the-scenes commentary on the staging process, and all sorts of TMCM extras sure to leave you buzzing.
Spotlight on Derek Kirk Kim and Gene Yang

Derek, the creator behind indie hits Same Difference and Good as Lily (illus. Jesse Hamm), and Gene Yang, creator of National Book Award Finalist American Born Chinese, have shared tables at conventions since their days as poorly remunerated webcomics artists. Now that they've both earned their place as important young voices in American comics, they're still sharing a table. Come hear about their upcoming projects and their differing paths to success.

Sunday Panel Schedule, Idaho Room
Broken Fix: Lyrical Lines and Lingo-Doodling in the Comics of T. Edward Bak

This two part presentation is a treatise on the early influential experiences and artists impacting T. Edward Bak's approach to autobiography, as well as an examination of the differences in his processes within two different projects. Sponsored by PNCA.
Steve Lieber: Spotlight on Periscope Studio

You can't read American comics without coming across one of Periscope Studio's 21 members. Crammed into a downtown Portland office suite, these artists and writers avoid killing each other for long enough to produce everything from best-sellers with Hollywood movie deals (White-Out, Steve Lieber) to popular super-hero titles (X-Men: First Class, Jeff Parker) to independent web and minicomics. Join Special Guest Steve Lieber and his studio-mates to find out who leaves their dishes in the sink, how not to break into the industry, and why comics might or might not be the weirdest career on earth.
Spotlight on Larry Marder

Mention "Beanworld" to one of its many fans, and tears might come to their eyes. In this long beloved and completely original comic, reality operates by different laws, and its strange, bean-like inhabitants must band together to survive its whims. Cruelly out of print for years, creator Larry Marder is now on a mission to resurrect Beanworld from its premature grave. Larry will answer your prayers by giving a multimedia presentation on Beanworld's past, present, and future.
Jason Shiga: Man of Mystery
Bay Area cartoonist Jason Shiga's brilliantly deadpan library cop thriller, Bookhunter, swept last year's Stumptown Awards. Along with being the source of many a cartooning urban legend, he might also hold the record for the number of bizarre personal appearances in other people's comics. Who is this masked man, and why is Special Guest Derek Kirk Kim interviewing him?
Rose City Rollers: true tales of roller derby

There's no more infamous band of broads than Portland's Rose City Rollers. No longer content to keep their antics to the rink, the Rollers have embarked on a multi-part tell-all graphic novel project, True Tales of Roller Derby, with the help of local artists Ryan Alexander Tanner, Seamus Heffernan, Ben Dewey, and Acey Thompson. Hear the dish from the ladies and artists themselves before it hits the stands!

Sunday Workshop Schedule, Alaska Room
Web Comics for the Clueless; fast, cheap, and dirty tricks for posting your works online

Learn the technical nuts and bolts of preparing and posting your work online. Includes an overview of free or almost free web hosting services.
The Seven (or so) Habits of Highly Profitable Webcomics

Expanding on a presentation he gave at PNCA last year, Mike Russell ("CulturePulp") takes a look at webcomics that offer a sustainable income to their creators -- and identifies several web-site features and monetizing techniques these webcomics have in common. (He'll also recommend some books and websites for more in-depth reading.) If you're a novice looking to build an audience and an income for your online comic, this presentation is a great starting point for further study.
Comics in the Expanded Field

The workshop will talk about ways of taking comics off the page and into larger arenas. Get a unique perspective on comics from sculptor, illustrator, writer and muralist Daniel Duford.
Medium Meets Message: Comics as Propaganda

Comics are part of a well-established Western tradition in manipulating the masses. In this workshop we'll explore a wide sampling of rhetorically-charged works, ranging from the timid and subtle to the overt and outrageous.
Instant Graphic Novel

Join us in a group effort to create a full comic story in a single afternoon, one page per participant. Learn some basic story building tools along the way.

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