I’m sure you have loads of questions for us, so here are the most frequent questions asked. If you have any questions you’d like us to address, please feel free to send us a message via email: publish@stumptowncomics.com

What are the available platforms for accessing StumpTownComics?

StumpTownComics will be made available on web browsers, iPads and Android Tablets in time.

Is a publisher allowed to take back his books from StumpTownComics?

Yes, a publisher can take his books out of the StumpTownComics network at any time for any known reason. To do this, simply send a request and we will take care of it in less than a month.

What is the standard fee for a subscription for StumpTownComics?

Currently, the standard subscription fee for StumpTownComics is $4.95 per month, but we may consider reducing the fee to pull in more members at a limited event or a free trial, so stay informed.

Do content creators and publishers have free access to StumpTownComics?

There are no charges for submitting your books or registering an account on StumpTownComics, in fact, creators who submit their books get a free account.

How do comic books publishers get paid by StumpTownComics?

After receiving the monthly fees from our members and taking care of a few expenses like costs for hosting, marketing, and payment fees and so on, the remaining amount of money is then divided between StumpTownComics and the book owners. The book owners make their earnings depending on the amount of readership their books get from paying members (not members on a free trial). Simply speaking, you make more money according to the number of readers your book attracts. Not all books perform the same way, but 1000 readings of a 24 pages comic book is estimated to earn you an average of $30 while a graphic novel or mini-series can generate about $150 – 250 per 1000 readings. Our goal for the first year is 75,000 domestic and international subscribers, if this goal is met and continues to steadily increase, it would result in thousands of viewers and thousands of cash for a publisher with a popular book series. The potential profit cannot be compared to that of the small earnings thatother media services pay to their artists.

Am I allowed to continue selling my books in print or any other form?

Yes, unless you are under a special contract with us, you are allowed to continue offering your books in whatever form for you may choose, as StumpTownComics is a non-exclusive platform.

What are the file specifications? How do I upload my books?

There are several options available for uploading your books like submission through our website, Dropbox, Google Drive or any other file sharing services. Remember to change the file sharing settings to enable us to download it and also that your file should have no bleeds, a minimum dpi of 200, a good front/back cover, minimal ads and should be in pdf format with double spreads broken into single pages.