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March 26: Guests Announced!

Dan Piraro
Dan Piraro has been sharing his off-kilter view of the world through his daily strip Bizarro since 1985. Since its inception it has been syndicated on four continents, and has been collected into fifteen different albums. He's been recognized with three National Cartoonist Society Panel awards, and he won the Reuben for Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year in 2010. Dan also performs his one-man comedy show, The Bizarro Baloney Show, winner of the Best Solo Show award at the 2002 New York International Fringe Festival.

Chris Samnee
Chris has drawn comics for Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Vertigo and Oni Press. Artist of Thor: The Mighty Avenger, Serenity: The Shepherd's Tale, Siege: Embedded, The Mighty, Capote In Kansas and other titles. His latest work includes a much-anticipated run on Marvel's Daredevil.

Pete Bagge
Pete Bagge's groundbreaking comic Neat Stuff, was published by Fantagraphics from 1985 to 1989, and helped to popularize the grunge movement of the Seattle cultural underground. His most popular character from that series, Buddy Bradley, moved on to star in his own series as Neat Stuff evolved into Hate, which continues to be published as Hate Annual.

Matthew Southworth
Matthew Southworth's first major comics work, Stumptown, graphically reminds its readers of its Portland-based setting with his beautifully-rendered artwork, telling the story of Dex, a private detective working the seamier side of the Rose City. Matthew will be on-hand over the weekend to share his inspirations and the techniques he uses to capture all of the drama of this town we call home.

Farel Dalrymple
Farel Dalrymple is probably best known for his breakout work on Marvel's Omega The Unknown with Jonathan Lethem, and DC Comics's Bizarro World with Dylan Horrocks. His creator-owned works include the Xeric-award-winning Pop Gun War, later published by Dark Horse Comics, and contributions to the Meathaus anthology. His latest project is titled The Wrenchies, and will be published by First Second Books.

Brandon Seifert
Brandon's first first published comics work, Witch Doctor, from Skybound Entertainment exploded onto the scene in 2011, and the first issue was the fifth-highest selling comic from Image the month it was released. The first five issues have been collected in the Witch Doctor: Under the Knife, and a second miniseries will be debuting later in 2012.

Lukas Ketner
Lukas's work on Witch Doctor brought him a nomination for the 2009 Russ Manning Award for Best New Talent. This led to him being published in the inaugural issue of Dark Horse Comics's relaunched Creepy series. He has also worked with Super Size Me creator Morgan Spurlock, and is a regular illustration contributor to Portland's Willamette Week. He is currently working on the second Witch Doctor miniseries with collaborator Brandon Seifert.

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Jan. 31: Guests Announced!

Ted Naifeh
Ted Naifeh swooped onto the comics and goth culture scene as the co-creator of Gloomcookie with Serena Valentino in 1998. Beginning in 2002 he introduced the world to Courtney Crumrin, a young loner girl who uses magic to navigate her world of school bullies and bloodthirsty goblins, adolescent peer pressure and deadly coven politics. His latest title, Polly and the Pirates, features action, adventure, treasure, and piratical etiquette, with a second volume scheduled to appear in January 2012.

Brian Hurtt
Brian made his comics debut with the second arc in Greg Rucka's critically acclaimed series Queen & Country and continued with Skinwalker, Hard Time and the critically-acclaimed Gotham Central for DC Comics. In 2006 he began his collaborative partnership with writer Cullen Bunn, beginning with The Damned. Their current series is the phenomenal monthly title The Sixth Gun for Oni Press, whose third collection will be debuting in April 2012.

Nate Powell
Nate's graphic novels include Sounds of Your Name, It Disappears, and Please Release, as well as the Eisner and Ignatz Award-winning Swallow Me Whole. He has also created dozens of self-published issues, and short story contributions to anthologies such as Papercutter and Meathaus since he began self-publishing at age 14. Nate's joining us to promote his latest graphic novel, The Silence of Our Friends, published by First Second in January 2012.

Steve Lieber
Steve Lieber is a staple of the Northwest comics scene, and has been dubbed the "official Nicest Guy in Comics" by noted author and fellow Portlander Douglas Wolk. His work has been published by DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Image, Carus, Oni, Dupuis, and others, but he is best known for his creator-owned works Whiteout and its sequel, and Underground, with co-creator Jeff Parker.

Brian Churilla
Brian Churilla is a Portlander, born and raised. His work includes The Engineer: Konstrukt for Archaia, The Avengers and the Infinity Gauntlet for Marvel Comics, and numerous pin-ups for Oni Press, Dark Horse Comics, and Image Comics. His heavily anticipated series, The Secret History of D.B. Cooper, debuts this March from Oni Press and has already garnered much acclaim from fellow creators.

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Jan. 19: Guests Announced!

Jeff Lemire
Hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Jeff launched into the local comics scene with the 1-2-3 punch of his Essex County trilogy published by Top Shelf. Though he continues to create graphic novels for Top Shelf (his latest, Underwater Welder is due in July), last year Jeff expanded his repertoire by taking on a scripting role for three of DC Comics's 'New52' line of relaunches: Frankenstein, Agent of SHIELD, Superboy, and Animal Man.

We're also excited to be hosting the entire Spell Checkers creative team! This trio's international collaboration is reaching its third volume, and it's a rare treat to have them all in the same place at the same time to talk about their work.

Jamie S. Rich
Author of books like Cut My Hair, The Everlasting, and 12 Reasons Why I Love Her, Jamie's latest novel is Have You Seen the Horizon Lately?. He wrote the comics series Love the Way You Love drawn by Marc Ellerby, and his second book with Joëlle Jones, You Have Killed Me, was released in the summer of 2009. Jamie is a pillar of the local community, having worked in the past with many of Portland's seminal comics institutions.

Joëlle Jones
Joëlle's work has appeared in comics as diverse as DC's Fables, the Dark Horse anthologies Noir and Sexy Chix, the Minx YA novel Token, written by Alisa Kwitney, and has also worked with writer Zack Whedon on a comic book spin-off of the popular Dr. Horrible web series. Joëlle's collaborative relationship with Jamie began with the graphic novel 12 Reasons Why I Love Her, and they've also done short stories for Popgun, Portland Noir, and Madman Atomic Comics.

Nico Hitori de
Nicolas Hitori de is a French comic artist and illustrator currently living in Portland. Having studied at Les Ateliers des Beaux Arts of Paris and Disney Accademia in Milan, he has created works in print (Disney, Milan), publicity, tv (M6, Nolife) and music (Virgin Princesse). After collaborating on Josh Howard's Dead@17 series, he met Jamie S. Rich on Myspace and began the collaborative effort that became Spell Checkers.

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Comics Fest 2012 Guests: Round One

We're excited to announce the first round of Special Guests who will be appearing at the 2012 Stumptown Comics Fest!

Stan Sakai
Stan Sakai's celebrated ronin rabbit, Usagi Yojimbo, celebrates its 30th year of publication in 2012, and Stan will be on-hand to share his experiences. Stan is joining Stumptown for the first time in 2012.

Kurt Busiek
Kurt is a prolific comics writer whose most prominent works include Marvels and Astro City. 2011 also saw the debut of Kirby: Genesis with Alex Ross, a reintroduction of dozens of classic Jack Kirby characters in new forms and stories!

Batton Lash
Batton Lash returns to Stumptown in 2012 to celebrate over 30 years of Wolff & Byrd: Counselors of the Macabre comics, and to share the first full-color volume of the long-running series, The Life-Partner of Frankenstein.

Mike Allred
Mike's work on X-Force and X-Statix with Peter Milligan, and I, Zombie may have kept him busy in recent years, but it's his snazzy work with his own character Madman that has kept Mike going for more than 20 years.

Laura Allred
Eisner-award winning colorist Laura Allred has worked with her husband Mike for most of his career, rounding out his art in Red Rocket 7, The Atomics, and Madman, as well as hundreds of other issues for Dark Horse Comics and others.

Randy Emberlin
Long-time comics inker Randy Emberlin returns to Stumptown this year to share his love of comics, and also the tricks of the inking trade! Come learn from one of the best!

Bill Ayers
A once-controversial figure, Bill Ayers now spends his retirement as an educational theorist. Join Bill and Ryan on Saturday, April 28th for a special talk about their views on how to use comics as a teaching tool as proposed in their collaboration To Teach: The Journey, in Comics.

Ryan Alexander-Tanner
Ryan is a local comics artist and educator, specializing in teaching children how to make comics every week at Cosmic Monkey Comics. His latest work is a collaboration with Special Guest Bill Ayers, To Teach: The Journey, in Comics.

Correction: Due to an unfortunate scheduling conflict, Geof Darrow will not be able to join us at Stumptown in 2012 as earlier announced. We regret the error, and hope to be able to bring him out in 2013!

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Additional Guests of Stumptown Comics Festival 2011

Colleen CooverColleen Coover - best known for her adults-only Small Favors, she has gone on to be an artist for X-Men: First Class and variety of other Marvel titles, as well as Banana Sunday. Coover's Gingerbread Girl with Paul Tobin is set to be published in May by Top Shelf Productions. Colleen's sketchblog and portfolio can be found at colleencoover.net.

Paul TobinPaul Tobin - writer for such titles as Model, Inc., Marvel Adventures, and Predators. In May, Tobin's second collaboration with Colleen Coover, Gingerbread Girl, will be published by Top Shelf Productions. Follow Paul's latest work at paultobin.net.

Julia WertzJulia Wertz - creator of the critically acclaimed Drinking at the Movies and Fart Party. Originally from San Francisco, but now in New York, Wertz's autobiographical work lives online and in print. Learn more about Julia's projects at fartparty.org.

Scott KurtzScott Kurtz - creator of the popular webcomic Player vs. Player (PvP); now in its thirteenth year online, the daily strip has garnered an Eisner and Harvey Award. PvP resides online at pvponline.com.

Kris StraubKris Straub - creator of Chainsawsuit, Starslip, Checkerboard Nightmare and several others. Straub is also the co-creator of the web-short series Blamimation with PvP creator Scott Kurtz. Find the latest news about all of Kris's projects at krisstraub.com.

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Announcing more Guests for STCF2011

The Guest List for our 8th Annual Comics Fest just keeps on growing:
Rick RemenderRick Remender - the writer/creator of comics including Fear Agent, Last Days of American Crime, and many others. Remender is also the writer of X-Force, Punisher and Doctor Voodoo. In addition, he has served as a writer on the hit game Dead Space and is currently lead writer on Bulletstorm. Previous projects include animation on films such as The Iron Giant, Anastasia, Titan A.E., and Rocky & Bullwinkle. Read more about Rick at www.rickremender.com.

Ethan NicolleEthan Nicolle - best known as the co-creator and artist of the popular webcomic Axe Cop, now a mini-series at Dark Horse Comics. An Oregon native living in Los Angeles, Nicolle is also the creator of the Eisner nominated Chumble Spuzz from Slave Labor Graphics, and is currently working on a pilot for Cartoon Network. Go read some Axe Cop here: http://www.axecop.com

Studio FoglioPhil and Kaja Foglio - founders of Studio Foglio, the pair are best known for their long running webcomic Girl Genius, and as the prestigious winners of the 2009 and 2010 Hugo Award for Best Graphic Story. Visit their website at studiofoglio.com.

Jeffrey BrownJeffrey Brown - creator of the autobiographical collections Funny Misshapen Body, Little Things and Undeleted Scenes. His latest, The Incredible Change-Bots Two, will be released in March 2011. Additional projects of Jeffrey's include directing a music video for Death Cab for Cutie and the observational books Cat Getting Out of a Bag and Cats Are Weird. His work will be featured in the January 2011 exhibition at Chicago's Museum of Contemporary Art. (Exhibiting with Top Shelf.) Jeffrey's official site is at jeffreybrowncomics.com.

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Additional 2011 Fest Guests!

Randy EmberlinRandy Emberlin, with thirty years in the comics industry and best known for inking Amazing Spider-Man, GI Joe, Doctor Strange, Alien Legion, Ghost and recently the Left Behind series for Wildstorm. A Portland local, Randy shares his expertise with the next generation, teaching After School Drawing Classes for students in the greater Portland/Beaverton metropolitan areas and two summer art camps for 2011, The Cartooning and Comic Book Art Camp and The Animation Art Camp. Learn more about him at www.randyemberlin.com.

Sarah GliddenSarah Glidden, 2008 winner of an Ignatz Award for her travelogue mini-comic How to Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less, later published in color as a Vertigo graphic novel. Brooklyn-based Sarah is currently working on a graphic novel project tentatively called Stumbling Towards Damascus, about the process of journalism and the way in which news is gathered and reported. Visit Sarah's site at www.smallnoises.com.

Gary MartinGary Martin, best known for his how-to books The Art of Comic Book Inking and partnership with Steve Rude on The Moth and Nexus. His career as a freelance comic book inker and writer spans over twenty years, working with Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse and Disney on such titles as Spider-Man, Hulk, X-Men, Batman, Star Wars and Mickey Mouse. Recent works include writing an eight volume graphic novel series for Zondervan publishing, Son of Samson. See Gary's latest art at http://sky-boy.deviantart.com/.

Erika MoenErika Moen, free-lance cartoonist, author and illustrator of DAR and member of Portland's Periscope Studio. Fresh from her first international book signing in London, Erika's recent project is a collaboration with Jeff Parker entitled Bucko, described as a 'dick and fart joke murder mystery' launching February 1, 2011 at www.buckocomic.com. Erika holds a self-designed degree in Illustrated Storytelling from Pitzer College. Read more about Erika at www.erikamoen.com.

Benjamin MarraBenjamin Marra, Brooklyn-based creator of The Incredibly Fantastic Adventures of Maureen Dowd (A Work of Satire and Fiction), Night Business, Gangsta Rap Posse and founder of TRADITIONAL COMICS and co-founder of the underground illustration and design journal MAMMAL. Benjamin holds a B.F.A in Illustration from Syracuse University, where he also studied at their art program in Florence, Italy. He received an M.F.A. in Illustration from the School of Visual Arts. Check out Benjamin's blog at benjaminmarra.blogspot.com.

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More STCF2011 Guests!

Eric Powell; The GoonEric Powell has been working in the industry since 1995 on such titles as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Hellboy: Weird Tales, and Star Wars Tales for Dark Horse Comics, as well as Marvel's The Incredible Hulk, Black Panther, The Avengers, among many other titles and publishers. Eric really came into his own, though, when he created the critically-acclaimed series The Goon, currently published at Dark Horse, and also in development as an animated film. Learn more about him at www.thegoon.com.

Brandon Seifert; Witch DoctorBrandon Seifert built his comics industry connections as a journalist, covering the local scene for Willamette Week, Comics Foundry, and Comic Book Resources. His first published comics work, Witch Doctor, is being published by Skybound Entertainment. Read more at www.witchdoctorcomic.com.

Lukas Ketner; Witch DoctorLukas Ketner's first published comics work, Witch Doctor, brought him a nomination for the 2009 Russ Manning Award for Best New Talent. This led to him being published in the inaugural issue of Dark Horse Comics's relaunched Creepy series. He has also worked with Super Size Me creator Morgan Spurlock, and is a regular illustration contributor to Portland's Willamette Week. Learn more about him at www.witchdoctorcomic.com.

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Introduction to the STCF2011 Guests (Round 1)

When we announced that planning had commenced for the 2011 fest a few weeks back, we touched briefly on some of our confirmed guests and the work they are known for. As we continue to work on scheduling some wonderful comics creators, we thought it would be a good idea to give you a more formal introduction to those already confirmed for the Fest. This is just Round 1 of guest bios and we hope it gets you excited about Round 2!

Kurt Busiek; Astro City, Kirby: GenesisKurt Busiek came in to the world of comics at the age of 14 and has yet to leave it, working in the comics industry for almost 30 years. His skill at writing comics has earned him over two dozen industry awards, including multiple Eisner Awards and Harvey Awards. Kurt is best known for his work on the Marvels limited series, his own Astro City, and a four year run on Avengers. Learn more about him at www.busiek.com.

Molly Crabapple; Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art SchoolMolly Crabapple is an award- winning artist, author, and founder of Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School. Her illustration clients include many newspaper and magazine publications, as well as Marvel Comics and DC Comics. In 2009 her book Scarlett Takes Manhattan was published, and she is currently working on The Puppet Makers for DC Comics. Learn more about her at www.mollycrabapple.com.

Barry Deutsch; HerevilleBarry Deutsch is a cartoonist currently living and working here in Portland, Oregon. His webcomic Hereville will be published as a graphic novel in November 2010 by Abrams. Barry has also does commercial illustration as well as political cartoons for Dollars and Sense Magazine. Learn more about him at www.amptoons.com.

Larry Marder; Tales of the BeanworldLarry Marder is the creator of acclaimed series Tales of the Beanworld, first published in 1985. His early career was focused on art-direction and advertising, with time spent as Executive Director of Image Comics in the 1990s and President of McFarlane Toys in the 2000s. He is now back to creating Beanworld full time. Learn more about him at larrymarder.blogspot.com.

Carla Speed McNeil; FinderCarla Speed McNeil is best known for her writing and illustration of her ongoing series Finder and her work on Oni Press' Queen & Country, in addition to contributions to a variety of anthologies and comics. She recently signed with Dark Horse Comics to reproduce Finder as well as other projects. Carla has received a variety of awards for her work in comics. Learn more about her at www.lightspeedpress.com.

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SCF2010 Surprise Special Guest: Paul Pope!

Stumptown is honored to be welcoming indie-comics wunderkind Paul Pope as a Guest of the April 24-25 2010 Comics Fest!

Pope originally launched himself onto the self-publishing stage in 1993 with his genre-defying work Sin Titulo. His second published work, The Ballad of Doctor Richardson, earned Pope an Eisner nomination and was later reprinted by Portland's Dark Horse Comics. In the years since, Pope's vicious, 'take-no-prisoners' approach to brush work, and his unique world-building talents have earned him numerous accolades over the years on such work as THB, Batman: Year 100, Heavy Liquid, and One-Trick Ripoff, and he is also the only American comics artist to have worked with Japanese manga publisher Kodansha for over five years!

We'll be posting additional information about Paul's appearance in the weeks leading up to the Comics Fest, so keep checking back!

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Additions to the 2010 Guest List!

We're pleased and proud to announce several fantastic additions to our already excellent Guest List for Stumptown Comics Fest 2010!

For the first time in the Fest's history, Canada's eminent publisher of experimental and literate graphics work, Drawn & Quarterly, will be exhibiting at Stumptown, and they're bringing two of their fantastic artists to share with the rest of us!

R. SikoryakR. Sikoryak got his comics-drawing feet wet in the early days of the 'art commix' movement spearheaded by Art Spiegelman and Françoise Mouly's RAW anthology. His work appeared in nearly every issue of RAW, and has since appeared in Fortune and The New Yorker. His latest book, Masterpiece Comics, mashes the dramatic and philosophical angst of Kafka, Voltaire, and Oscar Wilde, with the pulpy renderings and 4-color glory of classic comics such as Peanuts, Batman, Blondie, and Little Nemo in Slumberland, creating an unlikely brew that dares the reader to not view either original work through this new warped mirror.

James SturmD&Q; is also hosting James Sturm, who is not only a celebrated graphic novelist, but is also the founder of the Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, Vermont. James's books include James Sturm's America, Above And Below, and The Golem's Mighty Swing, and he also wrote Fantastic Four: Unstable Molecules, which won an Eisner Award for Best Limited Series in 2004. James's newest book, Market Day, will be released from D&Q; in Spring 2010.

Hope LarsonHope Larson's first graphic novel, Salamander Dream, was named one of Publishers Weekly's Best Comics of 2005, and she has been living up to that early promise ever since. Her follow-ups, Grey Horses and Chiggers, have been celebrated by critics, and her work has earned her numerous accolades including the 2007 Eisner Award for Special Recognition. Hope's latest book, Mercury, tells a story in which a girl's past and present intersect in a search for love and treasure.

Matthew SouthworthMatthew Southworth's first major comics work, Stumptown, graphically reminds its readers of its Portland-based setting with his beautifully-rendered artwork, telling the story of Rex, a private detective working the seamier side of the Rose City. Matthew will be on-hand over the weekend to share his inspirations and the techniques he uses to capture all of the drama of this town we call home.

Kate BeatonKate Beaton began posting her irreverently historical drawings in her LiveJournal account in 2007, and the only word to describe the reaction to her work in the subsequent years is 'explosive'. The first edition of her book, Never Learn Anything From History sold out in less than a weekend, and now, over 250 comics later, Kate makes her triumphant first appearance at the Stumptown Comics Fest!

Craig ThompsonAnd finally, friend-of-the-fest Craig Thompson will also be returning to join us at the Doubletree on Sunday April 25th for a special signing session!

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2010's Guest List, part 1!

This year we're excited to have another stellar lineup of Special Guests from all corners of the comics industry!
Dean HaspielCreator of the Eisner-nominated comic Billy Dogma, as well as the force behind webcomics collective ACT-I-VATE, Dean Haspiel will be joining us for his first time at Stumptown as our Special Guest of Honor. Dean's work has ranged from superhero comics for Marvel and DC, as well as collaborations with such underground luminaries as Harvey Pekar, Françoise Mouly, and Jay Lynch.

Batton LashBatton Lash created the long-lived legal duo Wolff & Byrd: Counselors of the Macabre in 1979, and the pair have appeared in magazines, newspapers, comic books, graphic novels and for the last few years in their own online comic. Batton also created the classic crossover comic, Archie Meets The Punisher, and has since written several longer stories for Archie Comics, as well as the regular Radioactive Man comics for Bongo Comics. But it's his self-publishing efforts with Exhibit A Press that have made Batton a convention staple on both coasts.

Several previous exhibitors are also returning this year as Special Guests, including Stumptown regular Graham Annable, Lucy Knisley, and Theo Ellsworth, whose insanely detailed artwork has made his graphic novel 'Capacity' a critical success, and who contributed the fantastically mind-bending artwork for this year's Fest poster!

Look for more Special Guest announcements in the coming weeks!

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Mike Richardson on KBOO

This Tuesday morning (April 22) from 9:30 to 10am, Words & Pictures welcomes Dark Horse Comics founder Mike Richardson. A staunch supporter of free speech and artistic autonomy, Mike is the special guest of honor at this month's Stumptown Comics Festival.

Words & Pictures airs on KBOO community radio, 90.7fm. Not near a radio? You can listen to the real-time webcast at http://www.kboo.fm/listen And look for the webcast soon afterwards at http://www.kboo.fm/WordsandPictures

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Special Guest of Honor: Mike Richardson

The Stumptown Comics Fest is excited to welcome Mike Richardson, founder of Dark Horse Comics, as the Special Guest of Honor for its Fifth Annual fest. Under his direction, Dark Horse has gone from a tiny startup during the black-and-white boom of the ‘80s to the biggest independent comics publisher in the nation, featuring such talents as Frank Miller, Mike Mignola, Neil Gaiman, and the late comics legend Will Eisner, and revolutionizing the industry’s approach to licensed properties through innovative Star Wars, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Conan, and Aliens/Predator stories. Richardson recently celebrated Dark Horse’s 20th anniversary.

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Guest: Scott McCloud

Scott McCloud has been described by Frank Miller as, "the smartest guy in comics." He built this reputation on a number of ground breaking ideas, not the least of which are the Creators Bill of Rights he co-drafted in 1988, and the 24-Hour Comic, a phenomenon that has continued to grow and prosper in the 18 years since he first dreamed it up.

Scott is possibly best-known for his 1993 book, Understanding Comics, a revolutionary book which represented a major step forward in developing a theoretical basis for understanding the comics medium... told in a comic format. Though controversial and contentious at the time, the book has since become the cornerstone on many a creator's bookshelf, and is used as a textbook in college courses across the country.

Scott followed up Understanding Comics with two more volumes devoted to the industry and the craft of comics: Reinventing Comics and his latest, Making Comics. To celebrate its release, Scott took his family on a year-long 50-state lecture tour, during which Scott lectured at the Pacific Northwest College of Art as part of their week-long Graphic Novel Intensive program, coinciding with last summer's Platform Film Festival.

Scott first made his name in comics with the critically-acclaimed alternative superhero title Zot!, published for 36 issues by Eclipse Comics in the late 1980s, and according to him, he is anxious to get back to writing and drawing long-form fiction comics again, to put some of the things he learned while working on 'Making Comics' to use.

We're excited to have Scott joining us for our fifth Comics Fest, and if you want to exhibit alongside Scott and our other Special Guests, fill out the Registration form and send it in - the Early-Bird Discount deadline is coming up at the end of February.

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Additional Guests for 2008!

I'm pleased to announce the addition of three new confirmed guests for our 2008 Fest, coming up in April:

Brian Michael Bendis
Award winning comics creator Brian Michael Bendis is one of the most prolific and successful writers working in mainstream comics. For well over five years, Brian's titles have consistently charted in the top five best sellers on the nationwide comic sales rankings.

Brian is one of the premiere architects of Marvel Comics Ultimate Universe, a line of comics created specifically for the new generation of comics reader. Since it's best selling launch, he has written every issue of Ultimate Spider-man to date, and has also written Ultimate Fantastic Four, Ultimate X-men, Ultimate Marvel Team Up, and Ultimate Six. In addition to scripting the action in the Ultimate Universe, Brian is also responsible for the writing duties on titles such as Avengers, Daredevil, House Of M, and The Pulse. His long running stint on Alias and his creator-owned title POWERS have brought acclaim and accolades as well.

Brian has won five prestigious EISNER awards, including 'Best Writer of the year' two years in a row.

He is creator of the JINX line of crime comics published by Image Comics. This line has spawned the graphic novels GOLDFISH, FIRE, JINX, TORSO (w/ Marc Andreyko) and TOTAL SELL OUT. Brian's Harvey, Eisner, and Eagle award nominated "POWERS" (w/ series co-creator and artist Mike Oeming) is now offered through Marvel's publishing imprint ICON, and the Hollywood tell all "FORTUNE AND GLORY" from ONI Press, which Entertainment Weekly gave an "A."

Tara McPherson
Tara McPherson is a painter, poster artist and freelance illustrator based out of New York City. Creating art about people and their odd ways, her characters seem to exude an idealized innocence with a glimpse of hard earned wisdom in their eyes. Recalling many issues from childhood and good old life experience, she creates images that are thought provoking and seductive. People and their relationships are a central theme throughout her work.

Tara's array of art includes painted comics and covers for DC Vertigo, advertising and editorial illustrations for companies such as Pepsi and Spin Magazine, and numerous gig posters for rock bands such as Beck, Modest Mouse, Mastodon, and Death Cab For Cutie. She exhibits her paintings and prints in fine art galleries all over the world.

Currently she is painting for an upcoming gallery exhibition at Jonathan Levine Gallery, working on a painted graphic novel for DC Vertigo Comics, designing toys for Kidrobot based on her characters, and teaches a Concept Illustration class at Parsons in NYC.

McPherson's art has been included in books such as Lonely Heart: The Art of Tara McPherson (Dark Horse Press), Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall (DC), The Art of Modern Rock (Chronicle), Illusive 2, Illustration Now! (Taschen), SWAG and SWAG 2 (Abrams), and more. She has lectured at the School of Visual Arts, AIGA NYC, AIGA Austin, The University of Arizona, MADE in Edmonton and Foyles London. Her art has also been featured in the film Juno, Veronica Mars, Point Pleasant, and Guitar Hero.

Steve Lieber
Steve is a longtime Portland resident and cartoonist. He illustrated the graphic novel series "Whiteout" written by Greg Rucka, which is currently in production as a feature film starring Kate Beckinsale and Gabriel Macht. Lieber and Rucka are slated to produce a third novel in the series for Oni Press. Steve has also illustrated adventures of The Escapists for Dark Horse Comics, "Road to Perdition 2: On the Road" for Paradox Press, and contributed art for numerous other works including "Bruce Wayne: Murderer?", "Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Tales of the Slayers", and "Two-Fisted Science".

With his wife Sara Ryan he was also nominated for an Eisner award for their short comic story "Me and Edith Head". He also is the co-author of "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Creating a Graphic Novel" with Nat Gertler.

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Guests: Mike & Laura Allred

From the AAA-Pop site:
"Michael 'Doc' Allred grew up in the 60's and 70's and was surrounded with the best in pop culture and a steady diet of music, movies and comic books including the three B's: Beatles, Bond and Batman to the point of obsession.

So it should come as no surprise that he keeps a hand in film and music (He's the lead singer and guitarist for The Gear), but comic books have always been a seminal source of joy for Mike and that joy remains the main ingredient in most of his work.

Allred first tasted success in the comics field with his wildly popular MADMAN series, which is currently being developed for a live action film with filmmaker Robert Rodriguez. His earlier work from GRAFIK MUZIK was turned into the cult hit movie G-Men from Hell directed by Christopher Coppola (featuring Robert Goulet as the Devil). Other work includes Red Rocket 7, his history of Rock and Roll told in the context of a sci-fi adventure storyl the Madman spin-off THE ATOMICS and his magnum opus, THE GOLDEN PLATES, where he's illustrating the entire Book of Mormon.

Mike counts the secret to his success to be his wife, and creative partner, Laura Allred, who is is considered to be one of the best colorists in the business."

We at Stumptown are very excited that Mike and Laura will be able to join us this year! If you'd like to exhibit alongside Mike, Ted, Shaenon, Sarah, Pete, Carol, and Matt, be sure to fill out your registration forms and get them in the mail, and like pronto!

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Guest: Shaenon Garrity

In August 2000, the internet was introduced to a mad scientist named Helen, her lab assistant Mel, and the dependable punching-bag, Dave. This was the birth of Narbonic, Shaenon Garrity's much-loved and long-lived webcomic. It was retired in December of 2006, but not before becoming the first webcomic strip with its own dedicated convention (titled, appropriately enough, Narbonicon) and cementing Shaenon's place in webcomics history. Since starting Narbonic, she has also launched three other webcomics - smithson, Li'l Mell, and Trunktown - and taken over the Editor role at moderntales.com. Shaenon also works as a manga editor at Viz comics, and contributes time at San Francisco's Cartoon Art Museum with her husband Andrew Farago, the Museum's Gallery Manager. We're excited to have them both joining us at Stumptown this year, and talking about their upcoming projects.

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Guest: Sarah Oleksyk

Sarah Oleksyk has been making an impact on the local comics scene in Portland for years, since the publication of her small press comics "Roadside" and "OK/Not OK". Her hand-silkscreened prints have appeared in galleries and art shows around town, and her cover for the most recent issue of Papercutter can be seen above. She is also hard at work on a new graphi novel, titled "Ivy", which she's serializing at her website www.saraholeksyk.com. We're excited to have Sarah as a guest this year, and proud to have her design our poster for our fourth Comics Fest! Look for a sample of her design in the next few weeks, as we begin our big promotional push.

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Guest: Ted Rall

Ted Rall began his cartooning career in 1986 after a chance meeting with Keith Haring in Manhattan. Over the past ten years, he self-syndicated his comics to 12 papers and collected a B.A. in history. In 1996, he joined with Universal Press Syndicate, and now his cartoons appear in more than 140 newspapers, alternative weeklies, and magazines. His cartoons, with their somewhat controversial take on social issues and unique art style, have been collected in three volumes so far, and Ted has also written and illustrated four graphic novels, including 2024, a 'visually elegant graphic novel updating and parodying George Orwell's 1984'. He is also the editor of Attitude, a periodical collection of editorial and political cartoons published by NBM. Ted has also recently been hired by United Media to help acquire and develop new comics and text features for the company, such as the webcomics Diesel Sweeties and Boy on a Stick and Slither.

Ted will be performing reviews of portfolios by Stumptown attendees and exhibitors. Registration for exhibitors is still open, with plenty of tables remaining at this time.

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Guest: Carol Lay

Creator of the weekly comic strip Waylay (also known as The Story Minute), Carol Lay has also contributed illustrations to The New Yorker, Mad Magazine, Worth, Newsweek, and The Wall Street Journal. Her comics have been collected in several out-of-print volumes including Strip Joint and Joy Ride and Other Stories, as well as the upcoming Goodnight, Irene, appearing in June from Last Gasp Books.

Carol joins us for her first time at Stumptown, and we're glad to have her here! There's still time for you to register for a table, you know!

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Guest: Peter Bagge

Peter Bagge's comics career began in his twenties, after discovering underground cartoonist Robert Crumb and his magazine WEIRDO, which Peter eventually took over as managing editor for several issues beginning in 1983. Peter's own comic, Neat Stuff, was published by Fantagraphics from 1985 to 1989, and helped to popularize the grunge movement of the Seattle cultural underground. His most popular character from that series, Buddy Bradley, moved on to star in his own series as Neat Stuff evolved into Hate, which continues to be published as Hate Annual.

Since the 1990s, Peter has created an original series of comic strips starring perennial Weekly World News favorite Bat-Boy, created a pair of one-shot issues parodying The Hulk and Spider-Man for Marvel Comics, and contributed several stories exploring the world of the The Matrix films, among others. He also contributes features to the political and social magazine Reason.

His most recent work includes the ongoing series Apocalypse Nerd for Dark Horse, and additional volumes of the Hate Annual. He also performs as drummer and singer of the band The Action Suits. This is Peter's first appearance at the Stumptown Comics Fest. If you want to exhibit alongside Peter and our other guest creators at this year's Comics Fest, then download an Exhibitor Registration form and send it in - the early bird period ends on June 15th, so hurry! And to keep up on all the latest news, you can also subscribe to this blog's rss feed!

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Guest: Matt Wagner

This year we're proud to be joined by Eisner-award winning creator Matt Wagner as he continues his nationwide tour celebrating the 25th anniversary of his iconic creator-owned character, Grendel. From Matt's own site:

Born and educated in Pennsylvania, his first published work was a short story that would introduce one of comicdom's most respected creator-owned characters--the mastermind assassin, GRENDEL. Best known for this epic creation and his other, more personal, allegory, MAGE, Matt has also worked on a variety of established characters. These include his ground-breaking work on the character of Batman villain, Two-Face, in the graphic novel, FACES, as well as a five-year stint both developing and generating the stories for the fan-favorite Vertigo title, SANDMAN MYSTERY THEATRE. His more recent efforts in this vein have included writing the DR. MID-NITE mini-series for DC Comics and serving as the regular cover artist on the Kevin Smith-penned relaunch of GREEN ARROW.

Known for his character-driven stories and his obvious love of the world's mythologies, Matt has also enjoyed the distinction of being one of the only writer/artists allowed to team his own creation with one of DC's flagship characters in two successive BATMAN/GRENDEL cross-overs.

In the past few years, Matt has also written and drawn several high profile projects for DC; a three-issue prestige series starring Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman; titled TRINITY and a year-long, project which comprised two mini-series that chronicled some of the earliest aspects of Batman's career, collectively titled DARK MOON RISING.

We're really excited to be part of Matt's year-long celebration of his work, which will be highlighted by reprints of some of his earliest Grendel issues, as well as some commemmorative sculptures, from his publisher Dark Horse Comics.

If you want to exhibit alongside Matt and our other guest creators at this year's Comics Fest, then download an Exhibitor Registration form and send it in - the early bird period ends on June 15th, so hurry!

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