2012 Stumptown Comics Fest - Click for More Info
10th Annual Stumptown Comics Fest
April 27 and 28, 2013 • Oregon Convention Center
Sat. 10-6, Sun. 12-6


2013 Stumptown Comics Fest - Attendee FAQ

Dates and times of the show:

The 2013 Stumptown Comics Fest takes place April 27 & 28, 2013.
10am to 6pm on Saturday, the 27th.
12pm to 6pm on Sunday, the 28th.

Festival location:

The Oregon Convention Center on 777 NE ML King Blvd. Portland, OR 97232 - Click for location map.

Cost of entry:

$10 a day or $15 for a weekend pass.
Students with valid student high school or college ID - $7 a day or $12 for a weekend pass.
Children 12 and under are Free (when accompanied by ticket-buying parent or guardian).

Is there a show hotel? Do you have hotels that offer a festival discount?

The Jupiter Hotel is the official hotel of the Stumptown Comics Fest. Attendees can make their reservations at the Jupiter Hotel by clicking HERE. However, there are many local hotels near the Oregon Convention Center. Rates are based on availability and time of booking, please check with the individual hotel. Click this LINK for an official list.

How many exhibitors can attendees expect?

We have 45 booths and 124 tables that will be filled with a variety of creators, publishers, and retailers. Many of our exhibitors are sharing booth or table space so it's hard to give a definite count, but rest assured we've packed the exhibition hall with as much creativity as we could fit.

Can I expect major publishers and comic book creators?

You bet! The Stumptown Comics Fest has always focused on compelling creators and comics as a storytelling medium of all genres. We're proud to bring you publishers like Dark Horse Comics, Oni Press, Top Shelf Comix, and other well-respected comic book publishers. Being the 10th anniversary of the festival, we're proud to host the largest number of guests in the festival's history. Guests include Fables creator Bill Willingham, Eisner award winning artist Becky Cloonan, multiple award winning writer Greg Rucka, as well as some of the countries premiere comic book studios like Periscope Studio and Tranquility Base. With over 25 special guests you can be certain you'll have a great time. Check out this LINK for the full list.

Can I bring in items for guests to sign at the festival?

While we highly encourage you purchase items from our many exhibitors to help support their work, you are still more than welcome to bring in items. However, each guest may have personal preferences in what they are willing to sign and how many products. All we ask is that you maintain respect in your request, for both the creator as well as your fellow attendees.

Are guest always available to sign things or is there a signing schedule?

We don't have a traditional signing schedule as you find at many conventions. Guests that are willing to sign will simply sign your items when they're sitting at their table. One of the highlights of the Stumptown Comics Fest is the accessibility between creator and fan, the best way to learn when and where a guest can sign your item and talk about their work is to simply walk up and ask. However, we will make all attempts to let attendees know when a guest is at an official panel or event.

Do vendors take credit cards?

The ticket counter for the Stumptown Comics Fest will accept credit and debit card payments. While exhibitors determine their own form of payment, most will accept credit cards. Food vendors connected with the Oregon Convention Center also accept credits cards.

What's the room capacity for panels?

The average room capacity for panels is approximately 80 people.

Where do I go if I lose my wallet / keys / kid?

We will have a centrally located attendee services kiosk within the festival floor where Stumptown volunteers will help you with a lost item or misplaced child.

Since the Stumptown Comics Fest is an all-ages event, will exhibitors only show items considered safe for all-ages?

While the Stumptown Comics Fest is highly focused on hosting an all-ages environment, we understand that every parent or guardian has a varied view on what they consider all-ages. With that in mind, we are compiling a list of exhibitors in our festival program that may produce material of an adult or mature nature. With that in mind, we can't estimate what everyone considers all-ages and ask that you review our list of exhibitors before letting younger kids walk the convention floor. We will also ask our exhibitors to be mindful of their own work when in the presence of younger attendees.

Where can you get food near the convention center?

The Oregon Convention Center has multiple food vendors located within the facility. There are also many restaurants and cafes within walking distance of the festival. Also, being located on the MAX line as well as major bus routes, all of Portland's wonderful collection of culinary offerings are just a transit ticket away.

Are there places to sit and rest near the vendors?

There are many locations throughout the Oregon Convention Center where tired attendees can rest their feet.

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SCF2007 Photo Pool

For the visually-oriented among you, there's a new Stumptown Comics Fest 2007 flickr pool, so far with photos from the private pre-party hosted by organizers Kip Manley and Jenn Manley-Lee, and my photos from yesterday (sorry about the blurry ones, I'll weed those out later). if you've taken photos at the Fest, feel free to join the group and post away! Special thanks to official Stumptown photographers Joshin Yamada and Glenn Peters for taking so many excellent table-portraits, and for setting up the photo pool!

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Congratulations, Trophy Winners!

The winners for this year's Stumptown Trophy Awards were announced last night at the Cosmic Monkey After-Party, presented by Portland's own Mike Russell, and here they are:

Outstanding Art
12 Reasons Why I Love Her, Joëlle Jones

Outstanding Writing
Bookhunter, Jason Shiga

Outstanding Design
The Art of Bone, Cary Grazzini

Outstanding D.I.Y. - A TIE!
Postage Stamp Funnies, Shannon Wheeler
DAR: A Super Girly Top Secret Comic, Erika Moen

Outstanding Small Press
Reporter, Dylan Williams

Outstanding Debut
Finder: Sin Eater Hardcover Collection, Carla Speed McNeil

And the Outstanding Mystery Award went to The Artist Within, a book by Dark Horse Comics detailing the lives, work, and studios of over 100 comics artists in a beautiful oversized hardcover edition.

Congratulations to everybody who won an award, and thanks to everyone who attended the Comics Fest yesterday to vote! To see the full list of nominees, check out the Awards page.

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Stumptown Trophy Awards Nominees!

Thanks to everyone who submitted their books for the first ever Stumptown Trophy Awards! We had a hard time paring them all down to a list of final nominees, but I think we've got a really solid representation of the wide range of work that will be showcased at this year's Comics Fest! Check out the Nominees right now, right here, on our Awards Page!

To be part of the Awards, come to the Fest and pick up a ballot on Saturday. Vote for your favorites, and turn it in by 5:pm at the front registration desk. Then join us at the Cosmic Monkey After-Party (Cosmic Monkey Comics, 5335 NE Sandy Blvd) to watch the Trophies get presented!

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Comics Fest Weekend in Portland, OR!

The Events list for this weekend's Stumptown Comics Fest has been updated, and it's HUUUGE!

Check it out!

We've got a pre-show party at Guapo Comics, a Drink-&-Draw benefit for the CBLDF, Two full days of panels and workshops including a full day of classes and curriculum presented by PNCA, Spotlights with each of our special guests, a showcase featuring the Too Much Coffee Man Opera, a Dr. Sketchy's Life Drawing session, Two official afterparties on Saturday night, and an unofficial post-Fest gathering at coffeeshop/gallery/pool hall/internet gaming hub Backspace!

Oh, plus a two-day guerilla art show at the Sequential Art gallery.

It is Comics Fest Weekend in Portland!

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Prepurchase your tickets now!

Announcing the availability of pre-purchased tickets to the Stumptown Comics Fest! If you follow the link to our store, you can order a Weekend Pass for the Comics Fest for $10, payable through PayPal. If you place your order before September 24th your tickets will be mailed to you. Tickets purchased after that date can be picked up at the Registration desk at the Fest itself on Saturday morning.

All Weekend Pass purchases also include two buttons and an official Stumptown Comics Fest poster featuring art by Portland artist and SCF2007 Special Guest Sarah Oleksyk, to be presented when you arrive at the Fest. Single day admission will be available at the door as well for $5 each day.

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Volunteers Needed!

UPDATE: We have met our goal for volunteers! The Stumptown Comics Fest is no longer seeking volunteers. Thanks to all who have submitted to help out, and we'll see you all at the Fest!

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Announcing the Stumptown Trophy Awards!

This year, for the first time ever, the Stumptown Comics Fest will be host to the Trophy Awards for Outstanding Comics. Awards will be given in the following categories:

  • Outstanding Art
  • Outstanding Writing
  • Outstanding Publication Design
  • Outstanding Small Press
  • Outstanding D.I.Y.
  • Outstanding Debut
  • Outstanding Mystery Award

To be considered for an award, you must be an exhibitor at this year's Comics Fest, and the work submitted should have been published within the last year. If you haven't gotten your registration form in yet, time is very much running out (registrations will be accepted after the deadline of August 31st, but a listing in the official program is not guaranteed). To nominate your comic, please go to our Nominations Page, fill in the form, and send a copy of your book to
Stumptown Trophy Awards
1435 SE 30th Ave
Portland, OR 97214

Submissions for the Debut Award can be submitted at the Fest, if they aren't available before then.

A small selection of Stumptown Organizers will cull through the works submitted and create a ballot of nominations. These ballots will be handed out to attendees at the Comics Fest on Saturday, September 29th, and voting will close at 5:00pm. The votes will be counted and the award will be presented at the official After-Party/Awards Ceremony on Saturday night at Cosmic Monkey Comics on Sandy Blvd.

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Registration Deadline Extension

Hey, all:

Seems a lot of people were still operating under the belief that the Fest was going to be in October again this year, and didn't realize that it had been moved up a whole month to the end of September. So, to make sure everyone has a chance of getting their forms in, we've extended the registration deadline to August 31st. We'll still be accepting registrations after that, but we can't guarantee your choice of placement, or a listing in the official Fest Program, so please get your forms in asap! Table prices are still at a low $110 for a full table, and $70 for a half table, and the registration forms can be found here.

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The Stumptown 2007 poster

Ladies and gentlemen, the Stumptown 2007 poster, designed by special guest Sarah Oleksyk.

Stumptown 2007.

We'll see you at the Fest!

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And so we return and begin again.

Hey, everybody. Welcome to the website for Stumptown 2007! —Which is also, of course, the website for Stumptowns 2004, 2005, and 2006. We’re in our fourth year, and we’ve come a long way since that first crazy day in Portland’s Old Church.

Without further ado, let’s point out the important stuff:

As for who, well, along with you (we hope), we’re pleased to announce that Matt Wagner will be joining us as a special guest, so we can help him celebrate the 25th anniversary of Grendel. —Indy’s heading up our guest committe, so I’ll let him update you with additional names as we confirm them. We’ve got an electric and eclectic list planned, so keep checking for new names.

Beyond that, everything’s bigger and better and just plain more than even last year, which was awfully darn big. More tables! That are eight feet long, instead of six! More chairs, to go along with the tables! More panels, workshops, and special events! Big plans for 2008 and beyond! A slightly higher table rate! And more!

Registration forms for exhibitors are available here. Download, print, and postmark by June 15th for the early-bird rates. So get out your calendars and reserve the dates: we’ll see you at Stumptown at the end of September. Bring comics.

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Stumptown Comics Fest 2007

Hey, all:

This is just a simple announcement to state that Yes, indeed there WILL be another Comics Fest this year. I'd taken a couple months off to recover from planning and organizing last year's show, and now the organizing committee is moving forward, making plans for 2007. I can't give out any official word yet on where it will be, or when exactly, but I can tell you that we're eyeing the end of October again for a 2-day Fest (saturday and sunday). We've already approached some fantastic potential guests, and rest assured we'll be posting that info once it gets confirmed. Keep checking back for updates in the next month or so with final details on the location, dates, and exhibitor rates. Thanks for your interest!

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