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10th Annual Stumptown Comics Fest
April 27 and 28, 2013 • Oregon Convention Center
Sat. 10-6, Sun. 12-6


2013 Stumptown Comics Fest - Attendee FAQ

Dates and times of the show:

The 2013 Stumptown Comics Fest takes place April 27 & 28, 2013.
10am to 6pm on Saturday, the 27th.
12pm to 6pm on Sunday, the 28th.

Festival location:

The Oregon Convention Center on 777 NE ML King Blvd. Portland, OR 97232 - Click for location map.

Cost of entry:

$10 a day or $15 for a weekend pass.
Students with valid student high school or college ID - $7 a day or $12 for a weekend pass.
Children 12 and under are Free (when accompanied by ticket-buying parent or guardian).

Is there a show hotel? Do you have hotels that offer a festival discount?

The Jupiter Hotel is the official hotel of the Stumptown Comics Fest. Attendees can make their reservations at the Jupiter Hotel by clicking HERE. However, there are many local hotels near the Oregon Convention Center. Rates are based on availability and time of booking, please check with the individual hotel. Click this LINK for an official list.

How many exhibitors can attendees expect?

We have 45 booths and 124 tables that will be filled with a variety of creators, publishers, and retailers. Many of our exhibitors are sharing booth or table space so it's hard to give a definite count, but rest assured we've packed the exhibition hall with as much creativity as we could fit.

Can I expect major publishers and comic book creators?

You bet! The Stumptown Comics Fest has always focused on compelling creators and comics as a storytelling medium of all genres. We're proud to bring you publishers like Dark Horse Comics, Oni Press, Top Shelf Comix, and other well-respected comic book publishers. Being the 10th anniversary of the festival, we're proud to host the largest number of guests in the festival's history. Guests include Fables creator Bill Willingham, Eisner award winning artist Becky Cloonan, multiple award winning writer Greg Rucka, as well as some of the countries premiere comic book studios like Periscope Studio and Tranquility Base. With over 25 special guests you can be certain you'll have a great time. Check out this LINK for the full list.

Can I bring in items for guests to sign at the festival?

While we highly encourage you purchase items from our many exhibitors to help support their work, you are still more than welcome to bring in items. However, each guest may have personal preferences in what they are willing to sign and how many products. All we ask is that you maintain respect in your request, for both the creator as well as your fellow attendees.

Are guest always available to sign things or is there a signing schedule?

We don't have a traditional signing schedule as you find at many conventions. Guests that are willing to sign will simply sign your items when they're sitting at their table. One of the highlights of the Stumptown Comics Fest is the accessibility between creator and fan, the best way to learn when and where a guest can sign your item and talk about their work is to simply walk up and ask. However, we will make all attempts to let attendees know when a guest is at an official panel or event.

Do vendors take credit cards?

The ticket counter for the Stumptown Comics Fest will accept credit and debit card payments. While exhibitors determine their own form of payment, most will accept credit cards. Food vendors connected with the Oregon Convention Center also accept credits cards.

What's the room capacity for panels?

The average room capacity for panels is approximately 80 people.

Where do I go if I lose my wallet / keys / kid?

We will have a centrally located attendee services kiosk within the festival floor where Stumptown volunteers will help you with a lost item or misplaced child.

Since the Stumptown Comics Fest is an all-ages event, will exhibitors only show items considered safe for all-ages?

While the Stumptown Comics Fest is highly focused on hosting an all-ages environment, we understand that every parent or guardian has a varied view on what they consider all-ages. With that in mind, we are compiling a list of exhibitors in our festival program that may produce material of an adult or mature nature. With that in mind, we can't estimate what everyone considers all-ages and ask that you review our list of exhibitors before letting younger kids walk the convention floor. We will also ask our exhibitors to be mindful of their own work when in the presence of younger attendees.

Where can you get food near the convention center?

The Oregon Convention Center has multiple food vendors located within the facility. There are also many restaurants and cafes within walking distance of the festival. Also, being located on the MAX line as well as major bus routes, all of Portland's wonderful collection of culinary offerings are just a transit ticket away.

Are there places to sit and rest near the vendors?

There are many locations throughout the Oregon Convention Center where tired attendees can rest their feet.

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Seeking SCF06 Reports

Hey, all! If you attended this last year's Comics Fest and wrote a report on it for your blog, or took some pictures which didn't get added to our flickr group, please let us know! We'd love to add a link to it here on the Stumptown homepage! Either reply here in the comments, or by email to info -at-stumptowncomics.com. Thanks for your help!

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Stumptown Comics Fest, Day one!

Comic Art Battle!

Last night's opening of the Stumptown Comics Fest was a fun, low-key, relaxed time, and I believe that today will be even better! The Comix Apocalypse proved, once again, that Portland has the best cartoonists in the country, as we defended our honor against contestants from the Other coast, California, and points in between. Congratulations Team Portland!

A few small announcements:

Sadly, Phil Foglio and Matt Fraction won't be joining us at the Fest this year. Phil had a last minute conflict arise, and Matt is honoring a prior commitment to appear at a show in Kansas City. I'm hoping they'll both be able to join us again next year.

It looks like internationally-known comics-brainiac superstar Scott McCloud will be joining us today! In a surprise visit, Scott, probably best known for Understanding Comics, Reinventing Comics, and his latest, Making Comics, will be taking a detour from his ongoing 50-State Tour to come check out Stumptown. You can most likely find him wandering the hall, or resting with friends Jenn Manley Lee and Barry Deutsch at table 77.

Second, our official photographer this year, Joshin Yamada, has started a flickr group for the Stumptown Comics Fest, and has already posted a bunch of pictures from yesterday as well as from the awesome pre-Fest party thrown by exhibitors Steve Lieber and Sara Ryan. So, if you've been taking pictures, please feel free to post them here, and if you know who someone is in one of the pictures, help us label them!

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Stumptown Comics Fest, This Weekend!

The Third Annual Stumptown Comics Fest hits Portland this weekend with its largest assortment of creators, cartoonists, illustrators, publishers and retailers yet. The show runs for two big days, Friday, October 27th and Saturday, October 28th in the south end of the Oregon Convention Center's Portland Ballroom.

Admission for the Fest is $5 per day, or $10 for a Weekend Pass (includes a poster and button, while suppplies last), and gives you access to 120 tables of exhibitor space and a full schedule of panels and presentations. Hours for the Fest are:

Friday: 4pm - 8pm
Saturday: 10am - 6pm

See you there!

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Table Assignments, and Guest list changes

First, I'm sad to announce that Mike Allred won't be able to appear at the Comics Fest this year after all. I was really looking forward to meeting Mike and talking about comics and religion, but a scheduling conflict finds him elsewhere in the country at this time of year (and considering the October weather in Portland, I can't say I totally blame him). I'm hoping he'll be able to join us next year, though. Likewise, Lark Pien and Thien Pham find themselves at the mercy of the fates, and won't be joining us this year either. This would have been Lark's first time at Stumptown, and we're sorry she won't be here, though if you look closely and ask around I'm sure you'll be able to find some of her work at the Global Hobo table.

Second, I'm happy to announce that the Exhibitors List has been updated with table numbers! I've also posted the table map as a downloadable pdf, so you can find out where your favorite exhibitors are going to be and plan your route accordingly! Enjoy!

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Stumptown Comics Fest 2006 Exhibitors Tables Sold Out!

This year's Stumptown Comics Fest, taking place on October 27th & 28th in Portland, Oregon, is pleased to announce that their 120-table exhibitor space is completely sold out, nearly two weeks before the official deadine for exhibitor registrations.

Exhibitors who still hope to get on the waiting list are encouraged to send in their forms before the official deadline, however the increasing popularity of the Comics Fest makes it unlikely that any tables will become available. The creator-focused convention, the only one of its kind in the Pacific Northwest, has grown significantly from the modest beginnings of its first event, which saw nearly 40 cartoonists and self-publishers sharing a scant 22 tables just two years ago. Much of that growth is attributed to extremely positive word-of-mouth promotion within the communities of cartoonists that populate the west coast.

The Stumptown Comics Fest has a history of showcasing local talent such as Shannon Wheeler, Paul Guinan, and Jeff Parker continues this year with appearances by "Banana Sunday" artist Colleen Coover and Mike Allred, known for his creator-owned works "Madman Comics" and "The Atomics". We also welcome Paul Chadwick, who celebrates the 20th anniversary of his Eisner-award winning creation "Concrete", which helped launch Dark Horse Comics' flagship title "Dark Horse Presents" in 1986. Also joining us this year are "Flight" anthology editor Kazu Kibuishi, Long-running alternative comics artist Keith Knight, and Steve Rolston, artist for Oni Press' "Queen & Country" and Dark Horse Comics' "The Escapists".

This year, exhibitors are venturing from all over the country to spend the Halloween weekend in Portland. Cartoonists from Seattle, San Diego, and Los Angeles join locals from Portland, Salem, and Wood Village, Oregon, while others are travelling from as far as Poland, Maine to Hamtramck, Michigan, to Vancouver BC and Boulder, Colorado, and all points in-between. More than 40 of the 200+ creators and exhibitors appearing at this year's Fest had such a good time at last year's Fest that they decided to come back.

This year also marks the first appearance of such iconic Northwest publishers as Dark Horse Comics and Fantagraphics Books, as well as repeat appearances by Portland-based independent favorites Top Shelf Comics and Oni Press.

Admission for this year's Fest will be $5 per day. Attendees also have the option on Friday to purchase a Weekend package for $10, which includes admission both days, as well as an official poster and pin featuring artwork by "Spiral Bound" author Aaron Renier, while supplies last.

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August Update

Stumptown Comics Fest '06 poster by Aaron Renier and Alec LongstrethAugust has been a busy month for us here - the Early Bird Registration deadline has passed, and our available tables have dwindled from close to 40 down to a scant 12 tables available, with a little more than two months left before the Fest! The Exhibitors List has just been updated to show the tremendous number of excellent cartoonists, illustrators, writers, and publishers who will be joining us this October! There's still time for you to get your name on that list, you know! The official deadline is September 15, though it's entirely possible that we may run out of available space before that. Once all the tables are gone I'll be starting a waiting list, and will then begin assigning tables, if they become available, on a first-come-first-served basis. In 2005, not enough exhibitors cancelled to allow for the full waiting list a chance at a table, so we actually had to add a few more tables to the room. Sadly, that will not be an option this year, so if you want to be sure to get a table, I'd recommend sending your registration form in ASAP.

If you look on the left here, you'll find a sample of the artwork for this year's poster, designed by two of Portland's favorite expatriates, Aaron Renier and Alec Longstreth. Aaron will be joining us at this year's Fest again, signing at the Top Shelf table, as well as participating in the weekend's events. Click on the image to see a larger version in the Forum. The posters will be available for sale at the Fest for $3, and shirts and pins will also be available featuring artwork from the piece.

We're still looking for volunteers to help us distribute posters and flyers up and down the West Coast. If you're willing to do some stapling for us in your home town and help us spread the word about this fantastic little comics show, or if you want to help at the Fest itself, send a note to the Volunteer coordinator!

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Latest Exhibitors Update

Well, the early-bird registration period for Stumptown '06 has officially passed, and we're up to a whopping 88 tables filled right now. That's three more than we even had available last year! So, that means we've got about 30 tables left, so if you were planning on getting one, now is the time! I will institute a waiting list as I did last year, but unfortunately this year we really have no room to expand to if need be.

I'm sad to report that announced guest Linda Medley won't be able to make it this year after all. I'm disappointed, but I'm hoping she'll be able to join us in 2007 (which is already shaping up to be a great Fest in itself, let me tell you!). However, I'm happy and excited to announce that Keith Knight has just signed on to be a guest this year! Keith's 'K Chronicles' comic has been a favorite small press comic strip for years, and I'm looking forward to seeing his slide show presentation at Stumptown.

Also, I've finally updated the Exhibitors List again with all the latest forms - so if you got in before the deadline you should now be up on the site (and even a few post-deadline exhibitors are up there as well).

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Deadline looms for Early-bird Registration

Yep, it's true! The deadline for Early-bird registration for Stumptown 2006 is coming up at the end of June. If you've been putting it off, now is the time to get your registration form and payment in. Until June 30th, you can still get the tables for $40 for a half table and $60 for a full table. After the deadline the rates go up to $50 for a half and $90 for a full table, which frankly, is still pretty cheap for a creator-focused show like this. About 75% of the tables are still available, but I think as the deadline looms, that number will drop pretty quickly!

And if you're still having doubts, just check out the current Exhibitors List to scope out all the great creators you'll be able to rub elbows with come October! And keep checking back on that list in the coming weeks as we continue to add new Guests and Exhibitors!

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SCF05 is History!

Stumptown Comics Fest 2005 was a resounding success, improving in every way over 2004's humble but well-received beginnings! Moving from the historic Old Church building to the comparatively cavernous 5700+ sq. ft. Smith Ballroom, SCF05 exhibitors and attendees packed the house with much comics-loving hustle and bustle. Over 500 readers and fans showed up to help celebrate everything great about comics. With over 100 exhibitors, a full day of panel discussions and comics film presentations, and a standing-room only Comic Art Battle, the 2005 Stumptown Comics Fest garnered much positive press, including write-ups in the Portland Mercury, Willamette Week and the Portland Tribune, as well as a feature article in The Oregonian.

Stumptown Comics Fest '05
Click image to enlarge!

So how can we possibly top that?

Well, by making this year's Fest even bigger! It's true, not only did we sell out of the 80 tables we had available for the 2005 Fest, we even had to add five more tables to accommodate those on the waiting list. It's safe to say we outgrew our space at the Smith Ballroom, so we're moving again, this time to our new home at the enormously gigantic Oregon Convention Center! Our ample 12,000 square foot space will hold upwards of 100 tables, and there's room to grow in the coming years. We're also expanding the Fest to Two Big Days™, Friday, Oct. 27 & Saturday, Oct. 28! This means more time to look around and shoot the breeze with your favorite artists and creators from the top publishers, as well as more panels and events. And of course, the Fest will conclude with another installment of the insanely popular Comic Art Battle!

If you're interested in exhibiting at this year's Fest, simply mosey on over to the Registration page and download the form! Our table rates are still extremely reasonable for a two-day Fest, and by registering early you get a huge discount!

To keep on top of the latest news, check back here for more updates, or add your name to the SCF2006 News list by filling out the tiny form to the right of every page on this site.

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