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More Guests Announced!

It's with great honor that we announce the final two guests for the 2011 Stumptown Comics Festival, hosted at the Oregon Convention Center on April 16th and 17th.

Nate Simpson - having worked in video games since 1993, he most recently led the art team for Demigod. A newcomer to comics, Nate's first project, Nonplayer, has been receiving praise from many legendary creators, including Warren Ellis, Frank Quitely and Geof Darrow. Nonplayer #1 makes its debut at Stumptown this year! You can read more about Nonplayer at its official site: http://www.nonplayercomic.com/

UPDATE: Sadly, we've received confirmation that previously-announced guest Ludovic Debeurme will not be able to join us at Stumptown this year. We're disappointed, but will continue to try to bring Ludovic out for 2012!

Previously-announced Guests Include:

Eric Powell - Rick Remender - Jeffery Brown - Sarah Glidden
Brandon Graham - Ethan Nicolle - Molly Crabapple - Benjamin Marra
Phil Foglio - Carla Speed McNeil - Paul Tobin - Colleen Coover
Larry Marder - Barry Deutsch - Scott Kurtz - Kris Straub
Randy Emberlin - Gary Martin - Erika Moen - Julia Wertz
Lukas Ketner - Brandon Seifert

Stumptown Comics Fest is also pleased to host publishers Fantagraphics, Dark Horse Comics, Oni Press, Top Shelf Productions, and many others who will be exhibiting during the two day festival. Our full list of Guests and Exhibitors can be found on our Exhibitors Page.

Full details of workshops, panels, and events happening over the month of April to celebrate Portland, Oregon's vibrant comics community are expected to be announced soon.

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2011 Stumptown Comic Arts Awards Nominees

Stumptown Comics Fest is proud to announce the final list of 2011 nominees for the Stumptown Comic Arts Awards as chosen by our panel of judges. And they are: Best Artist

Best Writer Best Cartoonist Best Letterer Best Colorist Best Publication Design Best Anthology Best Small Press Best New Talent Reader's Choice:
Voters are asked to list up to three of their favorite comics from April 2010 to April 2011. Any graphic novel, trade paper back collection, single issue or ongoing series, small press or online - whatever title has the most votes as determined by the readers will win this special prize. 

To vote in this year's awards, please visit:
After voting, you will receive an email which must be confirmed in order for your vote to be counted.

Judges for the 2011 Stumptown Comics Awards are: Michael Allred (Madman), Brandon Graham (King City), Laura Hudson (Editor, ComicsAlliance.com), Michael Ring (Owner, Bridge City Comics), and Jason Leivian (Owner, Floating World Comics).
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STCF2011 Floormap Revealed

With the Fest only weeks away, we're happy to reveal the table numbers for all of our announced exhibitors! You can also take a look at the floor map and plan your route through all the amazing art in the exhibit hall!

Click Here to download the full-size pdf!

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Additional Guests of Stumptown Comics Festival 2011

Colleen CooverColleen Coover - best known for her adults-only Small Favors, she has gone on to be an artist for X-Men: First Class and variety of other Marvel titles, as well as Banana Sunday. Coover's Gingerbread Girl with Paul Tobin is set to be published in May by Top Shelf Productions. Colleen's sketchblog and portfolio can be found at colleencoover.net.

Paul TobinPaul Tobin - writer for such titles as Model, Inc., Marvel Adventures, and Predators. In May, Tobin's second collaboration with Colleen Coover, Gingerbread Girl, will be published by Top Shelf Productions. Follow Paul's latest work at paultobin.net.

Julia WertzJulia Wertz - creator of the critically acclaimed Drinking at the Movies and Fart Party. Originally from San Francisco, but now in New York, Wertz's autobiographical work lives online and in print. Learn more about Julia's projects at fartparty.org.

Scott KurtzScott Kurtz - creator of the popular webcomic Player vs. Player (PvP); now in its thirteenth year online, the daily strip has garnered an Eisner and Harvey Award. PvP resides online at pvponline.com.

Kris StraubKris Straub - creator of Chainsawsuit, Starslip, Checkerboard Nightmare and several others. Straub is also the co-creator of the web-short series Blamimation with PvP creator Scott Kurtz. Find the latest news about all of Kris's projects at krisstraub.com.

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