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9th Annual Stumptown Comics Fest • Oregon Convention Center, Portland, OR • April 28th & April 29th
Stumptown Comics Fest's 2nd Annual Trophy Awards Now Open for Submissions
January 29, 2008

Want a Trophy? Enter Now and Join the Party!

The Stumptown Comics Trophy Awards shall answer the immortal question of "Who deserves a trophy?" on Saturday, April 26, 2008 at the Fifth Annual Stumptown Comics Fest's awards party. The event will take place at Cosmic Monkey Comics, located in Portland's historic Hollywood district, and will feature the infamous Comic Arts Battle—where professional wresting meets Pictionary(R).

Nominations open at noon on January 29th at the Stumptown Comics Fest website,, and close at Midnight on April 20th. There is an administrative fee of $5 per category entered, mostly to keep out the riffraff and to furnish the awards ceremony with luscious
libations. You may nominate yourself, your friends, or a work you respect, as long as they will be at the fest. Non-attending or non-represented winners will be subject to mockery based on their absenteeism. Don't be one of those people—come and celebrate with us!

The six awards categories are:
DIY: For self-published works showing exemplary spunk, energy, and ingenuity.
DESIGN: Examines the quality of production. How a book looks, feels,
and smells.
DEBUT: For works freshly released at the fest. Come on out, little books.
WRITING: You know, the words.
ART: You know, the pictures.
MYSTERY: Not the genre, but the award itself! A secret panel of judges will recognize a book, website, person, project, or event with this enigmatic award. This is the only category that applicants cannot specifically enter, though all are eligible.

Window of eligibility: Works must be released between 10/1/2007 and
4/26/2008. Submissions guidelines and a running list of nominees are
available at the Awards page. Mail your entries to:

Stumptown Trophy Awards '08
1435 SE 30th Ave
Portland, OR 97214, and
make your checks out to The Stumptown Comics Foundation.

Awards Ceremony at Cosmic Monkey Comics: 5335 NE Sandy Blvd., Portland OR, 97213

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