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Announcing the Stumptown Trophy Awards!

This year, for the first time ever, the Stumptown Comics Fest will be host to the Trophy Awards for Outstanding Comics. Awards will be given in the following categories:

  • Outstanding Art
  • Outstanding Writing
  • Outstanding Publication Design
  • Outstanding Small Press
  • Outstanding D.I.Y.
  • Outstanding Debut
  • Outstanding Mystery Award

To be considered for an award, you must be an exhibitor at this year's Comics Fest, and the work submitted should have been published within the last year. If you haven't gotten your registration form in yet, time is very much running out (registrations will be accepted after the deadline of August 31st, but a listing in the official program is not guaranteed). To nominate your comic, please go to our Nominations Page, fill in the form, and send a copy of your book to
Stumptown Trophy Awards
1435 SE 30th Ave
Portland, OR 97214

Submissions for the Debut Award can be submitted at the Fest, if they aren't available before then.

A small selection of Stumptown Organizers will cull through the works submitted and create a ballot of nominations. These ballots will be handed out to attendees at the Comics Fest on Saturday, September 29th, and voting will close at 5:00pm. The votes will be counted and the award will be presented at the official After-Party/Awards Ceremony on Saturday night at Cosmic Monkey Comics on Sandy Blvd.

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Registration Deadline Extension

Hey, all:

Seems a lot of people were still operating under the belief that the Fest was going to be in October again this year, and didn't realize that it had been moved up a whole month to the end of September. So, to make sure everyone has a chance of getting their forms in, we've extended the registration deadline to August 31st. We'll still be accepting registrations after that, but we can't guarantee your choice of placement, or a listing in the official Fest Program, so please get your forms in asap! Table prices are still at a low $110 for a full table, and $70 for a half table, and the registration forms can be found here.

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The Stumptown 2007 poster

Ladies and gentlemen, the Stumptown 2007 poster, designed by special guest Sarah Oleksyk.

Stumptown 2007.

We'll see you at the Fest!

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Guests: Mike & Laura Allred

From the AAA-Pop site:
"Michael 'Doc' Allred grew up in the 60's and 70's and was surrounded with the best in pop culture and a steady diet of music, movies and comic books including the three B's: Beatles, Bond and Batman to the point of obsession.

So it should come as no surprise that he keeps a hand in film and music (He's the lead singer and guitarist for The Gear), but comic books have always been a seminal source of joy for Mike and that joy remains the main ingredient in most of his work.

Allred first tasted success in the comics field with his wildly popular MADMAN series, which is currently being developed for a live action film with filmmaker Robert Rodriguez. His earlier work from GRAFIK MUZIK was turned into the cult hit movie G-Men from Hell directed by Christopher Coppola (featuring Robert Goulet as the Devil). Other work includes Red Rocket 7, his history of Rock and Roll told in the context of a sci-fi adventure storyl the Madman spin-off THE ATOMICS and his magnum opus, THE GOLDEN PLATES, where he's illustrating the entire Book of Mormon.

Mike counts the secret to his success to be his wife, and creative partner, Laura Allred, who is is considered to be one of the best colorists in the business."

We at Stumptown are very excited that Mike and Laura will be able to join us this year! If you'd like to exhibit alongside Mike, Ted, Shaenon, Sarah, Pete, Carol, and Matt, be sure to fill out your registration forms and get them in the mail, and like pronto!

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Guest: Shaenon Garrity

In August 2000, the internet was introduced to a mad scientist named Helen, her lab assistant Mel, and the dependable punching-bag, Dave. This was the birth of Narbonic, Shaenon Garrity's much-loved and long-lived webcomic. It was retired in December of 2006, but not before becoming the first webcomic strip with its own dedicated convention (titled, appropriately enough, Narbonicon) and cementing Shaenon's place in webcomics history. Since starting Narbonic, she has also launched three other webcomics - smithson, Li'l Mell, and Trunktown - and taken over the Editor role at moderntales.com. Shaenon also works as a manga editor at Viz comics, and contributes time at San Francisco's Cartoon Art Museum with her husband Andrew Farago, the Museum's Gallery Manager. We're excited to have them both joining us at Stumptown this year, and talking about their upcoming projects.

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Guest: Sarah Oleksyk

Sarah Oleksyk has been making an impact on the local comics scene in Portland for years, since the publication of her small press comics "Roadside" and "OK/Not OK". Her hand-silkscreened prints have appeared in galleries and art shows around town, and her cover for the most recent issue of Papercutter can be seen above. She is also hard at work on a new graphi novel, titled "Ivy", which she's serializing at her website www.saraholeksyk.com. We're excited to have Sarah as a guest this year, and proud to have her design our poster for our fourth Comics Fest! Look for a sample of her design in the next few weeks, as we begin our big promotional push.

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