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Guest: Peter Bagge

Peter Bagge's comics career began in his twenties, after discovering underground cartoonist Robert Crumb and his magazine WEIRDO, which Peter eventually took over as managing editor for several issues beginning in 1983. Peter's own comic, Neat Stuff, was published by Fantagraphics from 1985 to 1989, and helped to popularize the grunge movement of the Seattle cultural underground. His most popular character from that series, Buddy Bradley, moved on to star in his own series as Neat Stuff evolved into Hate, which continues to be published as Hate Annual.

Since the 1990s, Peter has created an original series of comic strips starring perennial Weekly World News favorite Bat-Boy, created a pair of one-shot issues parodying The Hulk and Spider-Man for Marvel Comics, and contributed several stories exploring the world of the The Matrix films, among others. He also contributes features to the political and social magazine Reason.

His most recent work includes the ongoing series Apocalypse Nerd for Dark Horse, and additional volumes of the Hate Annual. He also performs as drummer and singer of the band The Action Suits. This is Peter's first appearance at the Stumptown Comics Fest. If you want to exhibit alongside Peter and our other guest creators at this year's Comics Fest, then download an Exhibitor Registration form and send it in - the early bird period ends on June 15th, so hurry! And to keep up on all the latest news, you can also subscribe to this blog's rss feed!

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