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SCF05 is History!

Stumptown Comics Fest 2005 was a resounding success, improving in every way over 2004's humble but well-received beginnings! Moving from the historic Old Church building to the comparatively cavernous 5700+ sq. ft. Smith Ballroom, SCF05 exhibitors and attendees packed the house with much comics-loving hustle and bustle. Over 500 readers and fans showed up to help celebrate everything great about comics. With over 100 exhibitors, a full day of panel discussions and comics film presentations, and a standing-room only Comic Art Battle, the 2005 Stumptown Comics Fest garnered much positive press, including write-ups in the Portland Mercury, Willamette Week and the Portland Tribune, as well as a feature article in The Oregonian.

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So how can we possibly top that?

Well, by making this year's Fest even bigger! It's true, not only did we sell out of the 80 tables we had available for the 2005 Fest, we even had to add five more tables to accommodate those on the waiting list. It's safe to say we outgrew our space at the Smith Ballroom, so we're moving again, this time to our new home at the enormously gigantic Oregon Convention Center! Our ample 12,000 square foot space will hold upwards of 100 tables, and there's room to grow in the coming years. We're also expanding the Fest to Two Big Days™, Friday, Oct. 27 & Saturday, Oct. 28! This means more time to look around and shoot the breeze with your favorite artists and creators from the top publishers, as well as more panels and events. And of course, the Fest will conclude with another installment of the insanely popular Comic Art Battle!

If you're interested in exhibiting at this year's Fest, simply mosey on over to the Registration page and download the form! Our table rates are still extremely reasonable for a two-day Fest, and by registering early you get a huge discount!

To keep on top of the latest news, check back here for more updates, or add your name to the SCF2006 News list by filling out the tiny form to the right of every page on this site.

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